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Popular articles

Alcohol beverage seller license

Business manager visa

Incorporation of Limited Liability Company in Japan

Joint stock company

Nursery school (Hoiku en)

Restaurant business

Worker dispatching Business


Other articles in alphabetical order

Accounting book     Accounting book making 2019.(Kaikei software)


Angel investor        Alcohol beverage wholesaler license 

Bank account of Company  Blog of Lawyer Akiyama in Japan  

Business permit in Japan   Business Idea Finding Business Partner

Branch office        Blue tax return ( in the case of company )

Cafe Business permit  Cigar Business

Change of status of residence  Chinese language page

Corporate or sole proprietor and tax  Construction license

Court house 

Corporation tax, director’s income tax, social insurance premium

Change LLC into K.K     Class shares without voting right

Diploma degree ( Senmonshi=専門士 )

Difference between Joint stock company, LLC

Director’s Salary, remuneration, bonus, tax

Director and Change     Domestic Source Income

Deduction for spouse and dependent

Deemed transfer income (minashi jodo shotoku)

Employment of Foreigners and visa

Employment of Foreign worker and documents

Exemption officers from liability

Extinctive prescription ( Shometsu jiko ) and tax

Finding Business Partner   Financial Instruments Business

Foreign lawyer      Gaiben  Gakko hojin          

General incorporated foundation ( ippan zaidan hojin )

Gyoseishoshi         Gift and Corporation tax

Head Hunting Business    Hoiku en

Highly skilled professionals 

Ippan shadan hojin  (General incorporated association)

Inshokuten License      Ippan zaidan hojin

International school      Inheritance tax

Immigration control law    Intern Visa

Importing of food       Internet cafe….

Incorporated Educational institution

Japanese language school (establishment)

Joint stock company, LLC (its difference)

Kabushiki kaisha       Kensetsu-gyo

Kitchen car Business license   Kokunai gensen shotoku

law relating to company    LLC 

Legal entity or Individual ?  liability of director and auditor

LLC and Joint stock company,  (its difference)

Medical expenses deduction  Multiple entry visa

National health insurance tax

Need to know when you buy real estate in Japan

Nenmatsu chosei ( 年末調整 )

Necessary processes after making a company

Non resident can incorporate a company

Non payment of rental fee   Naturalization

Non Profit Organization (NPO)

Office space & rental and guarantor

Part time job permit      Permanent Residency

Preschool (nursery school)  Public bath house

Retirement from  job and visa  Real Estate and its Tax

Recruitment Business    Retirement of foreign worker

Regulation of Receiving of Capital Subscription, Deposits and Interest on Deposits

Remuneration of director  Reduction in amount of stated capital

Resident or non resident and Tax  Retirement income & tax

Sake (酒) seller license    Shikakugai katsudou kyoka 

Shusshi-ho         Status of residence and Change of employer

Self sponsored visa     Subsidy

Special Business Activities for Qualified Institutional Investors

Side business       Short term visa

Shiho-shoshi Lawyer    Stock options

SPC and fund business   Social insurance & Employee

Short term visa (to visit friend)  Short term visa ( sightseeing )

Shokugyo shokai Business    Spouse visa

Subsidiary of company     Souzoku zei (相続税)

Sozei jouyaku         trade name and Succession

Trademark           Tax treaty

Tax filing via internet     Tax treaties( Sozei Joyaku = 租税条約 )

Tax deduction for non resident  

Tax lawyer’s fee in Japan and how to save it

Tour Guide

Type II Financial Instruments Business   Visa

Wine seller license  Working visa    Work-style reform laws

Zeirishi’s fee and how to save it


As a Shiho-shoshi lawyer(=司法書士. A kind of solicitor ) in Japan, I  have assisted non Japanese speakers to start or manage business in Japan.

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To mo hi ko  A ki ya ma, Shiho-shoshi Lawyer in Japan

Legal and Tax Information of Japan for Non Japanese Speakers .. 1

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