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As a Shiho-shoshi lawyer(=司法書士. A kind of solicitor ) in Japan, I  have assisted non Japanese speakers to manage business in Japan. I can assist non Japanese speakers to incorporate or close company, issue shares of company, change directors, purchase a company or start business in Japan or anything related to Japan. .
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Company law in Japan

.How to incorporate Ippan shadan hojin ( 一般社団法人 = general incorporated association) in Japan
.How to incorporate a Godo kaisha ( limited liability company ) in Japan
How to change representative director of your company in Japan
How to establish incorporated Educational institution in Japan ( Gakko hojin )
How to issue class shares without voting right in company in Japan
How to make a joint stock company, ( KK company, kabushiki kaisha ) in Japan
Non resident in Japan can incorporate a company in Japan without living in Japan

Change ( soshiki henkou ) LLC into K.K company in Japan

soshiki henko

How to issue stock options in Japan

Your company can issue share option

How to make a Non Profit Organization in Japan. ( NPO Hojin )
law relating to company, legal entity in Japan Necessary processes after making a company in Japan Opening of bank account of newly established company in Japan Reduction in amount of stated capital and issue of shares concurrently Setting up general incorporated foundation ( ippan zaidan hojin ) in Japan
 Establishment of SPC and fund business in Japan  Contract for limitation of liability of director and auditor ( sekinin gentei keiyaku )

Branch office of foreign company ( setting up and closing )

In the case you have a company outside of Japan, you can make branch office in Japan and register it.

 Difference between Kabushiki kaisha ( Joint stock company ) and Godo kaisha ( limited liability company ) Gyoseishoshi is prohibited from incorporation of company
When a company uses trade name of other company, it shall bear liability of other company Exemption officers ( Riji ) from liability for compensation for damages

Relating to VISA

How to hire an intern from overseas
How to Obtain Permanent Residency in Japan


Howo obtain short term visa in Japan ( In the case you come to Japan to visit your friend, relatives, acquaintance )
short term visa friend etc
How to get short term visa ( In the case of sightseeing in Japan )
Change of status of residence in Japan
How to get multiple entry visa ( suuji yuukou visa ) to come to Japan
As for Visa

Link page to several kind of visa information in Japan

How to hire a foreign worker in Japan
 How can students, dependents can get part time job permit in Japan. ( Including how to engage in activity that is not permitted in current status of residence in Japan )
 Highly skilled foreign professionals ( = Kodo senmon shoku ) in Japan
Diploma degree ( Senmonshi=専門士 ) and work visa in Japan Employer needs to notify immigration office of retirement of your employee

If you quit your job, you need to notify immigration office

How to obtain status of residence as business manager in Japan Immigration control law in Japan, status of residence (在留資格 = Zairyu shikaku ) Necessary documents to hire a foreign worker in Japan
In the case a foreign worker lost her job, can she stay in Japan ? How to get short term visa in Japan How to get spouse visa ( Haigusha visa = 配偶者ビザ )to live in Japan  How to hire a foreign national who does not have any status of residence in Japan Self sponsored visa in Japan

Business permit in Japan

How to import food from foreign country to Japan
 Construction license ( kensetsugyo ), electric construction license in JapanIf your company wants to start construction business in Japan, you can find some information in this page

How to set up a nursery school ( preschool = day care center =Hoiku en = hoiku jo ) in Japan

Registration or notification of setting up of nursery

 How to operate kitchen car business in Japan How to make Employment Agency in Japan

Jinzai haken kaisha
Jinzai Shokai kaisha
Employment- placement
Recruiting Business
Head Hunting Business
Dispatching Business

How to obtain alcohol beverage wholesaler license in Japan
How to start restaurant business in Japan

You may acquire necessary license to start Restaurant business

How to start Type II Financial Instruments Business in Japan ( dai nishu kin yuu shouhin torihikigyou = 第二種金融商品取引業) How to obtain alcohol beverage seller license in Japan
 Link page to several kind of business permit in Japan
How to start public bath house ( sento = 銭湯 ) in Japan Introduction of a subsidy ( Joseikin = 助成金 ) in the case a business person employs specific job seeker in Japan  Law Concerning the Regulation of Receiving of Capital Subscription, Deposits and Interest on Deposits = Shusshi hou = 出資法  legal information to operate worker dispatching business in Japan ( haken ho = 派遣法 )  Special Business Activities for Qualified Institutional Investors ( Tekikaku Kikan toshika tou Tokurei Gyomu = 適格機関投資等特例業務 )
Trademark ( shohyo toroku) in Japan How to become foreign lawyer in Japan License and Tax, Customs relating to Cigar Business in Japan
Internet cafe and Regulation in Japan

Taxation in Japan

How to calculate the amount of national health insurance tax ( Kokumin kenkou hoken ryou = 国民健康保険料 ) in Japangensenchoshu Legal entity or Individual ?
When you operate business in Japan, do you operate it with legal entity or individual ?You can find information of corporation tax.
Tax treaty and reduction of and exemption from Tax in Japan

How to keep accounts ( Chobo = 帳簿 ) in Japanese language
Director’s remuneration and bonus, its difference in view of taxation in Japan

You can not change the amount of director’s salary
shakai hoken Japan

Foreign nationals and Inheritance tax in Japan

shakai hoken Japan

How to calculate amount of corporation tax, income tax of representative director, social insurance premium
shakai hoken
 How to perform nenmatsu chosei ( 年末調整 ) in Japan

nenmatsu chosei

Medical expenses deduction in Japan ( iryohi kojo = 医療費控除 )

Tax deduction ( Shotoku kojo = 所得控除) for non resident of Japan Inheritance tax relating to a foreign national in Japan(OldInformation) Tax treaties in Japan ( Sozei Joyaku = 租税条約 )

You can make tax filing application in website of tax office in Japan Deemed transfer income (minashi jodo shotoku)

 Non resident of Japan, foreign corporation and Domestic Source Income ( Kokunai gensen shotoku ) Remuneration of director in Japan  Side business, side job ( Fukugyo = 副業 ) and tax and law in Japan  When you operate a business in Japan, which is better, corporate or sole proprietor from the point of view of taxation Retirement income and income tax in Japan
 Tax report of application for approval of blue return ( in the case of company ) Corporation does not need to pay gift tax, but Corporation tax is required Tax merit for individual investor called “angel investor” Change in law relating to deduction for spouse and dependent Classification of resident and non resident of Japan

Civil law in Japan

Extinctive prescription ( Shometsu jiko ) and tax in Japan


What is Shiho-shoshi Lawyer ?

Shihoshoshi Lawyer = 司法書士

 Need to know when you buy real estate in Japan

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Japan Supreme Court has made judgement that result of DNA test could not change father recorded in the family register. A Renter who does not pay his/her rental fee of your Real estate in Japan

Demand for damages, eviction, termination of lease contract, negotiation

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