Employer needs to notify immigration office of retirement of your employee

In year of 2012, there was an amendment of immigration control law.
In the case your employee has resigned your company, you ( employer ) needs to notify immigration office of retirement of your employer within 14 days from the date of retirement.

This applies to retirement of director.

This document should be written in Japanese language.

But, here I will show you content of this paper in English language.

 Notification of retirement of our employee

Date of submission  2016,   ,    .

To Tokyo Immigration Bureau.

Recently, our employee sponsored by our company has retired our company.


Name of retired employee : Nancy Thomas   ( sex : male / female )

Date of birth. 1988, 8/8

Nationality : American

Address :

Telephone number :

Status of residence :

Valid Period of status of residence in Japan :

Number of alien registration card :

Date of retirement :

Reason of retirement : Voluntary resignation

Name of your company :

Address of your company :

Telephone number of your company :

Name of person in charge :

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