How to incorporate limited liability company

(Godo kaisha) in Japan

Registration of company

In Japan, Company can be formed by the registration of the incorporation at the location of its head office.

So, you need to file registration of incorporation to form company. In other words, you submit application paper to legal affairs bureau ( Homukyoku = 法務局 ) in Japan.

Legal affairs bureau has its own jurisdiction. If you incorporate a company  in Minato ward, Tokyo prefecture, Tokyo legal affairs bureau Minato branch has its jurisdiction.

Determination of address of LLC

When you incorporate a company in Japan, you need to determine address of your company.

You may be able to find virtual office.
There, you can rent some company’s address and use its address as address of your company. 

However, in such case, it will be difficult to open bank account.

If you have a friend in Japan, you may be able to use her address as address of your company.

If your company can receive letter from bank at her address, it may be beneficial to open bank account by company name.

However, legally speaking, when you register some address as address of your company, you need to operate your business at the place.

If you hope, I will find office space on behalf of you before you come to Japan.
I can find office and make lease contract on behalf of you.

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