About Shiho-shoshi lawyer in Japan

My name is Tomohiko Akiyama.

My profession is Shiho-shoshi lawyer in Japan.

In Japan, there are several official legal licenses.

For example, Attorney, Shihoushosi lawyer.

As for registration ( Touki ), only Attorney and Shihoshoshi Lawyer can make documents and act on behalf of clients.

Shihoshoshi Lawyer can make documents that are submitted to court house, legal affairs bureau.

And at lower court, Shihoshoshi Lawyer ( = solicitor = document lawyer ) can be a proxy of clients.

So, I can set up company, change registration of land title, write petition to court house.

I undertake that you can get same service in cheaper fee than lawyer.

If you want to talk with me in person, you do not have to come to my office without appointment.

In that case, I will come to meet with you wherever you are convenient.


certificate of shihoshoshi lawyer in Japan

Certificate of Shihoshoshi lawyer in Japan

Contact Information

Address :
2-1-504,Toyomicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0055, Japan
Tel  81 -90-2174-6763
Tel  81 -3-3536-5691

Tomohiko Akiyama, Shihoshoshi Lawyer in Japan

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