How to incorporate Ippan shadan hojin ( 一般社団法人 = general incorporated association) in Japan…


How to incorporate Ippan shadan hojin ( 一般社団法人 = general incorporated association) in Japan

In this page, I will explain how to incorporate Ippan shadan hojin ( general incorporated association = いっぱんしゃだんほうじん ) in Japan.

In the case of Ippan shadan hojin (general incorporated association =GIA), you can stipulate like below.

” The object of this Ippan shadan hojin shall be to promote friendly relations and to enhance mutual understanding between Japan and Britain through cultural exchange between the two countries.  “

By establishing stock company or limited liability company, you can engage in non profit activity.

However, if you establish Ippan shadan hojin and engage in non profit activity, your association can appeal  your intention of non profit.

Moreover, if your association can satisfy some requirements, your association does not need to pay corporate tax and corporate inhabitant tax.

In the case of Ippan shadan hojin, main purpose of establishment is to engage in non profit activity.

In this page, non profit activity means that your association does not divide surplus among members.

And this ” members ” corresponds with shareholders of stock company.
” Member  ” will be translated into ” 会員 = kaiin “.
However, the word “kaiin” is tricky word.

For example, if you want to rent DVD in Tsutaya shop, you need to become Kaiin of Tsutaya.

And when you become kaiin of Tsutaya, you can obtain right to rent DVD from Tsutaya.

And your right will be translated as ” membership “.

However, in the case of general incorporate association, Kaiin is a kind of incorporator, shareholder.

Your Ippan shadan hojin can sell merchandise and earn profit and pay salary to employee of association and directors.

And Ippan shadan hojin is assembly of persons.

So, at the time of incorporation, you need to prepare at least two members.

However after incorporation of Ippan shadan hoijn, even if the number of member is only one, you can sustain your association.

Process to incorporate Ippan shadan hojin ( General Incorporated Association  )

Basically, process to incorporate Ippan shadan hojin ( general incorporated association ) is similar to that of stock company ( = kabushiki kaisha = 株式会社 ) or limited liability company ( = Godo kaisha = 合同会社).

At first, you need to make articles of incorporation ( teikan= 定款 ).

In this paper, you need to clarify matters below.

1  Name of Ippan shadanef hojin

2  Address of Ippan shadan hojin

You can determine your apartment as address of your association.

Purpose of Ippan shadan hojin

4  Name and address of director ( You need to prepare at least 1 director. ) .
You can also appoint auditor ( Kanji = 監事. You can establish Ippan shadan hojin without auditor ).

5  Matters related to membership

For example, distinguish of regular member or special member and membership fee.

6  Organization of your association.
( You can incorporate Ippan shadan Hojin without the board of directors (Riji kai = 理事会).
In that case, members can determine important matters to operate your association by general meeting = shain sokai = 社員総会 )

7  Business year of organization


You need to determine matter to be indicated in articles of incorporation.

So, you can read through articles of incorporation below and if you have found any matters to be modified or deleted, you can do it.

Page 2 (if you do not have time to read through, you can order me to make GIA for you)

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